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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For St. Anthony's Upcoming Feast of June 13th - The Saint of Miracles

St. Anthony is known as the performer of miracles, or the wonder worker. Better known as the Saint of miracles.

Miracle derives from the Latin mirari, to marvel. It indicates an event which surprises whomever witnesses it directly or indirectly. In the environment of Catholic theology, a miracle is defined as a tangible act (i.e. something which is heard, seen, touched, experienced by the person), performed by God through a saint, a fact which goes against, or rather beyond common "laws" of nature, as acknowledged by the particular era in which they occur.

What are St. Anthony's miracles and how many are attributed to him?
They are innumerable. Here is a brief review, followed by some reflections, according to the reports of his earliest biographies. Works of art by great artists, nearly all in the Basilica, will accompany each miracle, indicated in the menu here on the left.

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