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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today is the feast day of St. Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

"Christ on the Cross bows His head, waiting for you,
... that He may kiss you; He stretches out His arms,
that He may embrace you; His hands are open,
that He may enrich your; His body is spread out,
that He may give Himself totally; His feet are nailed,
that He may stay there; His side is open for you,
that He may let you enter there."

St Bonaventure is called the "Seraphic Doctor" because he revealed certain warmth toward others as a divine fire. His leadership with the Franciscans, following St Francis of Assisi, expressed itself by showing charity, goodwill and ardent affection toward others besides having great discernment in decision-making and judgment.

He offers to help us, as will all those in heaven, when we petition him for help. We can truly be transformed and change our habits and attitudes only with divine assistance. We must help ourselves but most interior betterment only comes with divine assistance.
Do you really want to live and love passionately? Everyone loves cheerful, enthusiastic and unselfish givers. Our doctor's generosity and kindness toward others were fervent and caring. How do we obtain that kindness and caring?

St Bonaventure tells us to look carefully at the crucified Christ. Gradually this practice will enable us to become more compassionate and understanding toward others. People will begin to see God in you, even if you don't. Then, you will shine like a seraph, the highest rank of angels, as Bonaventure.

When we humble ourselves, reflect upon the crucified Lord often, and share unselfishly, acting with goodness toward others, Jesus mysteriously becomes alive in us, and is plainly seen by others.
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