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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Poor Clare Colettines of Cleveland - video

Thanks to my friend, "emmaberry", for putting this DVD I sent her onto her computer so it could be uploaded! I've had this video for awhile on VHS since the mid 90s and then copied it to DVD in the mid 2000s but I never knew how to upload it to the computer to help others to discern with this community!

This was shown on EWTN in the mid 90s and was first copied to a VHS and then I copied to DVD so that is why the first few seconds looks so bad!  Old VHS tape.

Also, the visual and audio quality is not as good as the DVD.  I believe it is due to the only way it could be uploaded.  So please excuse the poor quality.  But it beats sitting in a DVD case with my other DVDs!

**Also, if anyone notices, the narrator of this tape IS Sr. ? Grace? (Mary Grace, Margaret Grace?, forget her name!), she is the nun with the English accent in Mother Angelica's PCPA order in Birmingham who does the voice for saying "For those who can not now received Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, we offer the following prayer..." on all the EWTN masses on TV.  I used to know her name but it's eluding me at the moment!**

It's funny when I visited them back in the mid 2000s, I told them about this video on EWTN and how I had seen it and copied it.  Mother Abbess and the sisters told me how funny it was to make it as the director (or whoever!) wanted to just go and spontaneously start doing things: like "Go clean or dust!" even though that had been done earlier in the day so they felt silly doing things!  Also, what isn't audible it seems is during the scene of the sisters doing the altar bread baking, when the lid pops up by itself, the camera man says something like "whoa!" and it's funny to hear a male voice in the monastery!  Then the scene with the sisters gardening with their hoes, that too had been done so they didn't want to mess what they did so they "pretended to garden!".  They told me other funny stories and examples but too long to recount new. 

ANYONE who thinks they have a Poor Clare Colettine vocation must definitely visit this community!  They are so wonderful, holy, traditional, completely follow the Rule of St. Clare and the Reform of St. Colette and of Our Holy Father St. Francis.  The nuns are so loving, warm, friendly, holy, beautiful, kind - I could go on forever!

Their monastery is a beautiful over 100 yrs old Victorian building and the chapel is so beautiful.  This monastery is so permeated with the presence of God!  Mostly due to the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 24/7 for the nuns and usually 6am to 5pm or so (when I visited mid 2000s).