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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In Solitude

In solitude there is nothing to hide behind. You are naked before God, alone with the Alone. You are monos. You are a monk. The illusions fall away. Suddenly it... is the simple things that ring true and become most profound. The simple prayers and Scriptures are often the ones that speak to us the most. The Divine Office has come to have a whole new life and is a great springboard for contemplation. In this state one becomes a kind of walking repentance. F.L.A. (Franciscan Lay Apostolate)

St. Francis of Assisi Quote

"We must all be on our guard against pride and empty boasting and beware of worldly wisdom. A worldly spirit loves to talk a lot but do nothing, striving for the exterior signs of holiness that people can see, with no desire for true piety and interior holiness." 

~ Saint Francis of Assisi

St. Pio on Modernizing Religious Orders After Vatican II

Saint Padre Pio's reactions to the aggiornamento (literally "bringing up to date" or "Modernizing" it) the religious orders concocted in the wake of Vatican II:

In 1966, the Father General [of the Franciscans] came to Rome prior to the special Chapter on the Constitutions in order to ask Padre Pio for his prayers and benedictions. He met Padre Pio in the cloister. "Padre, I came to recommend to your prayers the special chapter for the new Constitutions..." He had scarcely gotten the words "special Chapter"..."new Constitutions" out of his mouth when Padre Pio made a violent gesture and cried out: "That is all nothing but destructive nonsense." "But Padre, after all, there is the younger generation to take into account... the youth evolve after their own fashion... there are new demands..." "The only thing missing is mind and heart, that’s all, understanding and love." Then he proceeded to his cell, did a half-turn, and pointed his finger, saying: "We must not denature ourselves, we must not denature ourselves! At the Lord’s judgment, St. Francis will not recognize us as his sons!"