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Saturday, April 6, 2013

St. Padre Pio and 70 Rosaries

St Pio And The Rosary
St Pio used to say 70 full rosaries a day. That is 70 x 15 decades. That is on top of his Mass and his Divine Office. 
St Pio would retire early in the evening around 6:00 pm and then wake up around 2:00 am. And in the still quiet hours of the early morning he would pray his 70 rosaries.
He did this every night despite his frequent nocturnal attacks from the evil one.
When asked how it was that he could fit in so many rosaries, St Pio would say that God would make time stand still for him so he could do it.
This great saint knew the value of this powerful prayer. He made it a great priority in his life.