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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Pieta - “Selfless Love's witness”

“Selfless Love's witness”

I looketh around whence all art silent but thy groans of Love so loud. In thy apex of dark uponst this mount Thy Love so clear. In Thine eyes wherest all couldst be no lower yet they chooseth to looketh downst upon me. In thy pupils speakest to thee calm amidst this restlessness. Here therest art no words but everything audible; wherest Thy Sacred Heart speakest razor sharp unto thy hearts of men. 
Beneath Thy Sacrifice, beneath Thy Cross wherest I kneel but until now I knowest not why. For it is in thy utter darkness wherest His Sacred Heart art most clearly seen wherest hearts drawest unto Thine as One. Amidst this macabre scene art thy sights of sacrilege and art thy smoldering smells of sin and self uponst Thee. Yet, in thy same, cometh thy sweet Odor of sanctification, thy sweet fragrance of submission from our Lady that floweth from thy feet who to I kneelest besides. 
In all thy wounds uponst Thy Sacred Flesh I seest all thy gaping wounds of thy hearts of men, torn open, and bleeding seeking Thoust relief. And thy Heart who wouldst refuseth none who come into thy One fold didst healeth thy stripes of self that men so didst inflict uponst thy own self and thence uponst Thee. For Thine Heart seekest to remedy thy disordered, thy discord, thy dysfunctional heart. 
Yea, amidst thy dark pale colors of Selfless Love's Sacrifice I seest Thy vibrant colors of Thy Life of Your Heart. Uponst thy dirt beneath thee wherest men do dwelleth thy Living Waters from Thy Side didst drip and falleth to quencheth. Throughst thy violent winds art heard thy shrieks and howls of hell that crieth out all aroundst Thee, yet, it is only thy silent steady sound of Selfless Love from Thy Sacred Heart that I hearest. 
O' who am I, to sitteth beneath Thee, in this Sanctuary of Thine Tears whichst now must becometh mine, in this Day of all days to receiveth Thy Heart, Thy Body and Blood. Yea, I am consoled and called to sitteth uponst thy Lap of Our Lady for it twas Her Lap, His Throne, that He resteth wherest in Whom both seemingly looketh both dead and lifeless unto thy world but in Truth art nevermore alive at Heart in Selfless Love's witness.

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