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Monday, December 10, 2012

Another of Mother of Mary Francis' Poems

Whom God Loves, He Chastises

"Whom God loves, He chastises; and He
scourges every son whom He receives."
-Heb 12:6

Reciprocally suds-splashed, skirts colliding
In narrow cloisters, or invoking gravely
The Trinity's Third Person on
Our shelling of the peas,
We laced the communal months with strings of days
Lifted from shared profundities, together,
Investigated midnight with our psalms,
Summoned the dawn with antiphons, and pondered
With hymns the twilight mysteries, together,

Not braced for flat of hand on cheek of life,
On fragile pulse of heart, till sunlight was
Shadow-invaded, shade-infested, stricken
With sudden spectres.

                                                  Tilting soul on soul
Came God to write the great good news of love
Deeper, deeper in the cauterized hearts.

(Mother Mary Francis, PCC)

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