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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Lord's words to Sr. Mary of the Trinity, Poor Clare nun of Jerusalem

"In each one there is the presence of the Holy Trinity; and in each a distinct character which is 'she' which God has given her in creating her soul; each soul has her own beauty - and glorifies Him in her own individual way.

When that is understood, jealousies disappear.

Each soul has her own mission, special to herself; she must be helped to fulfill it, and to use the unknown reserves of love and generosity that God hides in each soul.

If you understood that, there would indeed be a great stream of cooperation to hasten the coming of My Kingdom...

Pray, ask for union. Pray more."

~ Our Lord to Sr. Mary of the Trinity, Poor Clare of Jerusalem
(helped again with this quote by my good friend, JF!)

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