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Monday, July 29, 2013

Beautiful videos of Poor Clare nuns, Italy

Here are two beautiful videos on some Poor Clares in Italy.  Not sure which monastery, if I find out I'll update this post.  The sisters are speaking Italian but someone speaking German posted them on YouTube, hence the title and text in German.  I am so bummed it is not in dubbed in English or has English subtitles!

Part One

Part Two

For those who have the DVD "St. Clare of Assisi and The Poor Clares" (English narration and spoken English translation) that was put out by Oriente Occidente Productions, you might recognize one of the white veiled novices (young girl with heavy/thick eyebrows) who is in the above 2 videos as a black veiled nun in this DVD pictured below.  This DVD is available at Amazon here.

(this is the cover of my DVD, but Amazon has a plainer cover for this DVD but also this cover for the Amazon Instant Video of this.)

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