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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Morning Offering Prayer" by Sr. Mary of the Holy Trinity, PCC

MY JESUS, Here is my tongue that You may watch over it; that it may not utter more than pleases You; and that my silence may speak to You. Here are my ears that they may listen only to the voice of duty; and to Your Voice, O Jesus! Here are my eyes that they may not cease to behold You in every face and in every work. Here are my hands and my feet that You may make them agile, that they may be riveted to Your service alone, to the execution of Your desires. Here are my thoughts that Your Light may possess them. Here is my heart that Your Love, O Jesus! may reign and rest in it.

+ + +

"Renew this offering every morning, at every Holy Communion. And I, I give you, My little daughter, I give you TODAY." - Jesus to Sr. Mary

Above is the "Morning Offering" composed by Sister Mary of the Trinity, Poor Clare Colettine of Jerusalem, and Our Lord’s response. This prayer is prayed every morning by Poor Clare Colettines.

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