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Friday, April 5, 2013

Prayers for St. Margaret of Cortona's Intercession

The following prayer was printed in the February 2002 "Santa Margherita da Cortona" booklet sent out by the Basilica. I wrote to them last year, and they started sending me these wonderful Italian newsletters. It has been translated from Italian into English.

"O holy Margaret of Cortona, I am here before this image of Jesus crucified which has spoken to you so many times. Obtain for me, too, the grace of hearing His voice: Through His Word, Through prayer, And the events of life.  O Jesus Crucified, increase my faith and grant me, as you granted to holy Margaret, the grace of a sincere repentance from my sins; make me at one with the most needy and accompany me, I ask you, to the Father's house.  Amen."

This crucifix is the one that spoke to St. Margaret. It was sculpted around the year 1200, and is nearly life-size.


O Saint Margaret of Cortona, admirable model of charity and goodness, because you loved Jesus so much and he enriched you with many privileges, I beg you to help me in my many needs and particularly to obtain from God the favor I ask through your intercession…
Have pity on me in my sadness. I place all my confidence and hope in you. Dear Saint Margaret, you were so singularly blessed by Jesus in this life! Help me through your powerful intercession, to be heard so that I may live on Earth as a true follower of Jesus Christ and then have the happiness of enjoying Him with you in heaven. Amen.

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