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Thursday, December 6, 2012

To One Hesitant

From my friend, Emmaberry, a fellow PCC-to-be! Not sure as her post didn't say, but this maybe one of Mother Mary Francis, PCC's poems below:

To One Hesitant

"The Sisters fast every day except on Sundays and Christmas, never eat meat, rise at midnight for prayer and meditation, wear a coarse habit, and always go barefoot."

                                From: Explanation of the Rule of St. Clare

You wonder
at survival through death-bleached hours,
sere plains, incommiserate sands.
And you are afraid.

Oh! leave those timorous chains
that bind you
in the dark dungeon of age-old compromise!
Unchained, your heart shall dare
these sands unfearing
and oh! a thousand times
will almost find the reason
just there between the sunlight and the silence.

There will be
the sudden leap of longing
in the soul pregnant with faith and hope,
arms outflung without any willing,
singing pain in the heart,
words splintering helplessly,
the whole sky unslung,
star-desolate, moon-empty,
the rumor of Him quivering everywhere.

And when this flash of the reason
is gone
out of hand's grasp,
heart's reach,
furious will's shouting,
the sands will blaze
with gorgeous recall
and plains go quick-cool
beneath the feet.

Recall indeed will fade
but then perhaps
there will be another moment
rocketed out of eternity,
out of reality,
runaway, splendid, sustaining,
when you will almost hold Him
and your hands almost grasp
the reason.

These are the moments
that make for survival;
and one will not end,
being death.

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