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Friday, December 7, 2012

St. Pio - A true story

True Story:

A lady came to San Giovanni Rotondo from England to have her confession heard by Padre Pio. She went to his confessional but Padre Pio closed the window saying : "I am not available to you." The woman stayed for several weeks and during this time, daily returned to his confessional and daily was turned away. Finally, Padre Pio consented to hear her confession. She asked the Padre why he made her wait so long to be heard. Padre Pio answered : "And You?" "How long have you made Our Lord wait!? You should wonder how Jesus could welcome you after you committed so many sacrileges. You have delayed your judgment for years, besides sinning against your husband and your mother you have received Holy Communion in mortal sin!' The woman was stunned and reformed. She cried when she received absolution.  She returned to England a few days later, very happy.

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