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Sunday, July 15, 2012

PCCs Celebrate St. Clare's birthday on July 16th

From the Barhamsville PCCs:

"Poor Clares celebrate the birthday of St. Clare on July 16th. We are not sure if this is the actual date of her birth, but in a very real way, it really does not matter. When we celebrate a birthday, we are actually celebrating that person's existence, the goodness of his or her being. We do not know the day of Our Lady's birth, nor even of our Lord's, but the Church has chosen particular days to celebrate these marvelous events. As a birthday present for Our Mother St. Clare, I have taken an excerpt from an hour long video we have on the life of St. Francis which some computer genius from one of our monasteries converted from an old-fashioned slide show and audio cassette recording made about 25 years ago. The text is from a medieval author whose radical expressions may shock some modern sensibilities! Enjoy!"

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